Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Day in the life of the Campbells

People often ask what it is like to have two Siberian Huskies, especially two that are brother and sister. I can honestly say that no day is boring with two dogs. We get plenty of exercise. I sometimes feel guilty about them not having a backyard, but there are plenty of parks and ponds that we walk to so they get to exercise. Plus, we're moving to a house this spring.
We also get lots of love. I've been sick (with THE swine flu) and my dogs have given me nothing but love. They let me sleep without disturbing me. They just cuddle up next to me. It makes this horrible flu a little more bearable.

At times they can be a handful. Like tonight. Murad wanted me to take this video of him playing with Sam. Please excuse my coughing. They're so cute though. Look at my Maya trying to get in on the action!
Here is a video I took of Murad, Sam and Maya tonight!


  1. Dogs are nature's foot warmers. Yours look extra fluffy. :)

  2. the swine flu? oh my! i'm so sorry!