Monday, September 21, 2009

Marriage Survey, Happy Birthday Mom and Happy Six Month Anniversary!

This was posted on the Nest! Everyone posted different answers, so I thought I'd post mine here. It made me feel good to know that everyone struggles even in the first six months of marriage.
To date, what has been the biggest challenge you have faced as a wife? finding a balance, choosing the right battles to fight, putting someone else's needs before my own (that made me sound like a selfish ***, but it's true!), making decisions based on us, etc.
What is the one thing he does that drives you insane? he uses his cellphone when we go out to dinner (like to text or watch videos) RUDE, he doesn't clean up after himself (which is ironic because when he does, he does an excellent job!)
Do you find yourself settling into married life yet, or are you still struggling with it? pretty well settled. I love being married! Even though I struggle to think of us as we, I love sharing my life with him and look forward to our future plans!
If you could turn back the clock one year and relive the last six months of your engagement and the wedding, would you? NO! It was too stressful. DH got into a wreck and totalled his car, he was working very little then, I was in grad school, my cousin committed suicide and I was just depressed! Wedding planning was my only release! The first 12 months of engagement were great though!
Do you miss wedding planning, or is that a myth? I miss certain aspects of it, but I'm glad it's over. Sometimes I'm like "oh, I should've done that or maybe I should've done this", but all in all, I had my dream wedding. I wouldn't change a thing about the number of guests, location or anything! I got to marry my soulmate in front of the people we love! Ou wedding truly was a reflection of us as a couple.
Are you enjoying being a couple or are you itching to start a "family?" (I never have understood that ... why are you a couple but not a family if you don't have kids??) I love our family right now. I'm still adjusting to being a stepmom and I love being a mom to our dogs. Sometimes I really want to be a mom, but other times it freaks me out. I told myself I wanted to have a kid by 30, but then I realized I'd have to start trying in 2 years and that freaked me out! My mom says I shouldn't give myself a deadline, but just when it feels right, so for now we're not itching for kids. We actually talked about it tonight and we want to do some traveling before we go down that road!

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