Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Additions to our family

Well my brother-in-law has been here for a week now. Already he's fixed our desktop! yay! In addition, he's getting sworn in tomorrow, will attend training for the guard, then start working. He's hoping to get a degree at Richland (part of DCCC) and then transfer to UTD for a degree in Mathematics. Luckily for him they have a fast-track bachelor/master program, so that would be awesome.

We got a Wii and a brand new Mac Notebook! It's like freakin' Christmas around here. We planned to get a new notebook, but the Wii was a surprise. Murad was on the waiting list for a used Wii at the local Game Stop. However, he was able to get a never-been-used one from them for half the cost! Big savings for us! I can't wait to start playing some bowling! That is one of my favorite memories about NJ. Last Thanksgiving we played the Wii everyday with Murad's brother. Now that he's here, we can recreate it the moment.

It looks like we may have a full house this summer, so we're thinking renting a house in May. Abby will definitely be here and one or both of Murad's bros may be here. I found some cute houses in our area and right down the street from us are some huge duplexes for rent (think almost 2,000 sq feet) . I have half a mind to see if we can get pre-approved for a home loan, but to be honest I'm terrified of being a home owner. I still feel like a little kid. Plus, I want us to have more in savings before we buy a home and I want my car to be paid off before then. I just can't afford to pay it off yet. I've found some cute little houses in the area that are around the same price that we pay for our tiny apartment, so maybe it's a possibility to rent for a while we save. Plus, having a house would be great in case Abby comes to stay with us more permanently. We'll see! Ugghh! Decisions, decisions. I guess the Lord will let us know what decision to make.

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