Sunday, March 6, 2011

hair update and my baby is so smart!

so, I caved in last night and relaxed my hair. yep, no more frizzy roots for me. to be honest my curly hair had become pretty unmanageable. I would comb it each and every day and my roots would still be knotted or frizzy. Even straightening my hair with a flat iron didn't work because the knots were so bad. I tried using an olive oil concoction that I made. It softened my curls, but in a few days I was back to knots. I do feel somewhat defeated, but not really. I know you're not supposed to relax your hair while pregnant, but I bought a mild, all-natural kind of relaxer and made sure the bathroom was fully ventilated. I do not think I could've gone to a salon because of all the fumes, so doing it at home worked best. In addition, most doctors say that one can return to dyeing and using other chemical processes on one's hair once she hits the second trimester, so I feel pretty safe about it. Plus JT is kicking and moving around as I type this. So, he hasn't been harmed. Plus, I wanted to do it now when my hair is strong from all the prenatal vitamins and junk. Once JT arrives my hair will be depleted of nourishment.
So, what did I discover in my 7 months of having chemical-free hair?
1. I do not need to relax my hair every six weeks. While my roots weren't straight like they are now, they were manageable for a good four months. So, I propose relaxing my hair once every season.
2. my hair grew really fast. this could be because of the prenatal vitamins, but I think a large part of it has to do with not being exposed to chemicals every month and limiting the amount of heat I put on my hair. My hair is down my back now. It's never been that long before.
3. i can have relaxed hair and still wear it curly. most people with curly hair have rather tame roots and a curly shaft. my situation was the opposite. I can still make my shaft curly with my Mixed Chicks products, but I need something to keep my roots wavy/smooth
4. it's okay to use chemicals on your hair. I really wanted to be this earthy, crunchy granola mama (I still do). I think it's okay to admit that my hair is not going to be tame without some sort of chemical on it. Just like eventually, I will have to dye my hair (I haven't seen a grey hair yet, but I don't doubt that motherhood will cause them arrive)

okay, so now onto my baby. did you know that June is the month for smart babies to be born? Mr. Soup really wants our baby to be born in May. I sort of do to, but that's just for work reasons. I'd rather start my maternity leave early than take time off in the fall. That's another story though. However, more kids with high IQs were born in June. I believe this to be true because--
1. JT only kicks or moves around a bunch when I'm not at work. It's like he knows I have to deal with crazy kids and is saying, "don't worry, mama. I'll just sleep." okay so maybe it's just because that's when he wants to do some of his 12-14 hours of sleeping. In my book it's genius.
2. he knows who we are! well, he knows who his daddy is. he doesn't really respond to my voice, but let Mr. Soup talk to my belly or even just walk into the room and have a normal conversation with me, and JT goes crazy!! He starts kicking and moving. He gets so excited to hear his daddy. I think it's something about Mr. Soup's deep voice. I hope that's the case because I really can't stand to think of us talking in high-pitched baby talk. *shudders*
other updates:
-painting JT's nursery 3/19. We've got so much stuff for his nursery! I can't wait to post pictures. It's going to be so cute! i'm having a painting party with my girls while Mr. Soup is out of town.
-the next couple of months will be devoted to JT. birthing classes, infant safety classes, breastfeeding classes, breast-pumping classes, etc are all on the calendar. we're trying to throw in some fun things for us as well.
-we've narrowed down our new car choices to Honda Odyssey (most expensive, but best mini-van on the market), Toyota Sienna, and Mazda 5.
-we've completed a sibling set of names. not sure why we feel the need to have a sibling set completed, especially since we don't know if we'll have more kids after JT (I know, I could you say that, Mrs. Soup? right now I can't imagine loving another kiddo as much as I love JT. I know that will change, but right now that's how I feel) and we probably won't be having 4 kids! I've posted our names before, but now we have a second girl choice. we didn't notice this trend, but all our potential kids' names have four letters. that helped us narrow down a 2nd girls' name.
Joel Tariq - our first boy. Joel in honor of his grandfather and deceased uncle. Tariq means Morning Star in Arabic.
Adam Le0 - Adam and Joel seem like siblings and Leo is in honor of his maternal grandfather and uncle (both their middle names are Leo)
Lena/Lina Elise - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this name! I better have one freaking' girl!
Skye Francesca - we both love Skye for a girl and Francesca is in honor of Mr. Soup's deceased grandmother Frances. I know there are no girl names from my side of the family in this set, but there is literally nothing I would consider using. nothing at all. I know Skye is not a classic name, but it is actually a name and it's simple. I think pairing it with a classic girly name like Francesca makes it work well. The spelling is unique without be yoo-neek (see my previous posts on purposely misspelled name)

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  1. Hey Ash,
    Love your post! I loved my hair while I was pregnant. I was one of my favorite things!! :)

    Also, I can promise you that JT knows your voice. He hears it all day, that is why he only responds to M. Wyatt did the same thing to Drew. Just wait until he comes out he will turn his little new born head every time you talk! :) You are going to be a great mommy!