Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break 2011

This is the first spring break that I have been in Dallas since moving here in 2005. Well, I take that back. I was here part of spring break in 2008 and all of it in 2009. However, I was getting married in 2009, so it didn't feel like I was really "here." Ironically my spring breaks prior to moving to Dallas were, in fact, spent in Texas. Crazy, huh?
Let's recall:
March 2004 Padre, TX (crazy times. college spring break locale. need I say more?)
March 2005 Dallas, TX (visiting friends and looking for a job)
March 2006 Wichita, Lawrence, and KC (spent part of it with my parents and part of it with my brother in Lawrence. I crashed on his couch and partied from sun up to sun down like I was in college again. don't know how I survived. Also visited friends in KC)
March 2007 Wichita, KS visited family
March 2008 Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX (my friend Christina and I went to visit our friend Himee who was living in Atlanta at the time. Abby came to spend spring break in Dallas with us.)
March 2009 Dallas, TX we got married! Friends and family started arriving a week before we got married, so we were pretty busy.
March 2010 Gulf of Mexico- our one year anniversary cruise
So what's in store for Spring Break 2011? Mr. Soup and I had planned to take a babymoon/2nd anniversary trip to KC. However, then we decided to make it a staycation here in Dallas. Then we found out that Mr. Soup was to be inducted in the South Jersey Coaches Hall of Fame, so it threw everything for a loop. This would also have been the first year we could've attended the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dallas. It's basically a drunken Irish fest, but one that would've been fun to attend! However, Mama Soup is not drinking while pregnant!
While we could go next year, I think our priorities will have changed by then. Plus, I'm really hoping that we can take JT to the beach for the first time next year. I'm hoping we can make it a JT's first beach/3rd anniversary trip. I know it seems weird bringing your baby on an anniversary trip, but I can't imagine leaving him with someone for that long (I'm already getting nervous about leaving him with his own father when I go on a girls' trip next spring...trying to convince myself not to back out). Plus, I think it can still be a romantic trip and a new experience for my little boy. So keep your fingers crossed that nothing pops up over spring break 2012, so that we can take our first official family vacation!
Okay, so what's in store for spring break 2011? lots of relaxing. I'll be able to watch endless hours of NCAA basketball (I'm watching Bracketology as I type this). I'll get caught up on my grading. I plan to sleep, clean, exercise, and hang out with friends. Oh and get JT's nursery ready for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my favorite part of this spring break!) My least favorite part is that my husband has to work and that he's leaving next Friday for New Jersey. He will come back on Monday (our 2 year anniversary). I'll miss him dearly, but I'm excited for him! I know he'll have a great time and I'll get by without him. He's nervous to leave because his friend from grad school's wife went into labor at 25 weeks last week. Fortunately, they were able to keep baby inside. The whole situation has been weighing on Mr. Soup's mind lately. While I feel great, it would be hard to go through that without him here. I pray that everything goes smoothly while he's gone.
so that's our spring break 2011! funny how a baby changes everything. I can't say that I'm not excited by it! I love how JT has changed our lives and he's not even here yet!

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  1. Babies really due make just about everything much better. Sleep isn't one of them, but it is more fun to stare at their tiny little faces than it is to sleep. Have fun on your break!!!