Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Little Man

This weekend, Mr. Soup and I did the whole 3D/4D sonogram. It was kind of a last minute decision. At first, we weren't going to do it, but then we found a place having a spring sale. We really couldn't pass on the low cost. Plus, who doesn't want to see her son one more time before he arrives?
I had already gone to the doctor this week, so I knew he was doing pretty well. He's perfect in his size for how far along I am. His heart rate was perfect too. I'm awaiting the results of my glucose screening (gestational diabetes). Really hoping I don't have to do the 3-hour one! Also waiting on my 2nd Syphilis test. haha! No, but the state requires every mother to be tested for Syphilis twice during her pregnancy. At first, I was like WTF, but my doc said it was required. She said of all the people she's tested only one came back positive the 2nd time. That would've sucked!
So, yeah, the 3D/4D was totally worth it. At first I was a little skeptical because there are no refunds. We couldn't see JT very well because he likes to put his foot up by his head. He just likes to hold it near his face and occasionally put it in his mouth. In fact, he was asleep holding it next to his head. We tried and tried to wake him up, but he's a stubborn little guy. He finally moved long enough for us to see his little face. He is a cutie! I know I'm biased, but I just think he's going to be the cutest little boy. Heartbreaker!
The best part of the sono was finding out that he looks just like me! He has my nose and my lips. When I sent my dad the pics, he remarked at how much like me looks. I've attached my 1st baby picture so you can see the striking resemblance.
I just can't wait for him to get here. Did I mention JT already has a girlfriend? One of Mr. Soup's friends from grad school is an expectant father as well. His wife is a week behind me and they're expecting a little girl. We're already planning play dates, proms, weddings, etc. J/K sorta! The couple is interracial like us (he's white and his wife is Korean), so if our children did get married, we'd have some pretty cool-looking grandchildren!
Other updates:
one of my friends from college came to town, so a bunch of us Dallas Jayhawks got together twice this weekend. It's weird because we've all changed in so many ways, but we can still reminisce and have a great time. We went and watched the KU-Richmond game in Uptown Friday night and then barbecued last night. Lots of fun.
KU lost today to #11 seed VCU. I'm pretty much depressed about that. enough said
we're rethinking the minivan purchase....Kia has a new Sorento out and guess has an optional 3rd row so it can seat 7! It's also in our price range! So I may not have to become a mini-van mom! However, I may not be able to get it in the fall like we thought. I'm thinking of taking some more time off to stay home with JT in the fall which means our income would be significantly smaller.
Mr. Soup has decided to sit for licensure exam. I'm so glad that he's doing it because this means that I can stay home longer. Right now we live pretty comfortably with his new job, but if he becomes a licensed social worker, he could pick up PRN shifts at any hospital which would almost double his income. I already planned to take off a few weeks in the fall, but now I can possibly take off a couple of months unpaid and we'd be okay. This would help tremendously because then we wouldn't have to put JT in daycare until he's almost 5 months. We'd have our routine down and I could breastfeed comfortably without having to pump as much. I just think the closer he gets to a year before officially entering the real world the better. Luckily, with Mr. Soup's current job he can be home some too, so JT won't have to spend 8 hours 5 days a week in day care anyways.
I'm really hoping and praying that:
-Mr. Soup passes the licensure exam (it's a beast! a lot of people fail the 1st time)
-The licensure exam is not on the same day as our childbirth class (we've already had to reschedule and I really don't want to go to it alone)
-he can get a PRN job at a hospital so that I can stay home a little longer
If none of this happens, we'll make it work. I don't doubt that JT would be okay going to daycare at 3 months. Some moms get less time at home. I'm extremely blessed that I get all this summer time with him and that my husband works a flexible job. I don't necessarily think that it matters which parent is home with the baby, and I don't think that daycare is bad for a baby. At this time, I just want to be able to spend as much time with him as possible and get him good and ready for the "real" world.

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  1. awww! he does look like you! :) what a little cutie.