Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a strange call

last night Mr. Soup got a call from my stepdaughter. this was odd because we've been battling to have more time/phone calls with her. Up until last night, we only spoke to her if she was at her grandmother's house. We had decided to let God take that situation into his own hands and so we backed off. We did this partly because we were so broken from the whole experience and partly because my stepdaughter expressed a desire to have one family. So we hadn't made attempts to call and stopped bombarding her with care packages. We still kept in touch with her teacher until her mother moved her to two new cities in a one-month time span. However, we always were there for her when she called and we always let her know that we loved her and that she could call us anytime for any reason.

Last night she called from her mom's house. She wanted our address to send me a baby card. She's really excited about getting a baby brother. She also wanted to tell Mr. Soup about how her parent-teacher conference went at her new school. She knows that we place a high importance on her academics. We've always been involved in that area with attending conferences and rewarding her for good report cards. I think most importantly, she wants her daddy to be proud.

It felt good to know that she does still see us as her family and that despite everything she can still call her daddy. Things will never be the way they once were and we're pretty adamant that they won't be. We have so much to look forward to now, that we can't look back on what could have been. Nor do we want to look back. She will always be part of our family in a different way than before. We have learned to accept that. We've let her define what family is to her and we have done the same as well. It feels good to say that I'm okay with that. I think in our absence a lot of healing took place in our hearts and in hers.

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