Monday, July 13, 2009


No, I'm not getting divorced, but I feel like everyone else is. Through the magic (not sure if you want to call it magic) of facebook, you can sort of spy on people and their everchanging status and relationship status. It just kind of brings you down. I think it brings me down because A.) I've only been married for four months and I have a long way to go in this marriage. I don't like hearing stories of failure when I'm all happy and optimistic and IN LOVE! B.) I don't know what brings people to that point. I mean there are some divorces that you see coming from the second the couple walks down the aisle. Some people get married for the wrong reasons (young and horny seem to be the common reasons in the U.S.) and divorce just seems inevitable. However, some people seem happy and seem perfect for each other, and then it all just falls apart.

I was talking to Murad about it last night.
Me: How can someone just throw it all away?
Murad: Sometimes, Ash it doesn't seem like they're throwing it away. To them, it seems like they're gaining more.
Me: But why???
No answer. Well, actually he said he thinks some guys just want to try something new (and by something new he means CHEAT with a hot young thing). He said he just can't figure out why guys would throw it all away to chase tail.

Ironically today when I turned on the television show, the Tyra Banks show was on and the subject was internet dating websites for married people. These websites promise anonymity for men and women who want to meet married people and date them. Uggh! Tyra had the president of, a married dating site, on television. They also had some men and women who had been affected by the website. One women loved cheating on her husband and didn't want to work on her marriage even though her husband was begging her to do so. One woman had sex with over 150 men in a six month period. Another woman decided to take her husband back after he cheated on her using the website to meet people. It was a sad and disgusting episode.

I know there is no magic trick to having a successful marriage free of infidelity and/or divorce. However, I hope Murad and I can work on whatever issues that arise so that neither of us feels as though cheating or divorce is a better option than fidelity, love and marriage. I just hope we never fall out of love with each other and lose sight of what is important. I know that sounds idealistic and maybe unrealistic, but it is my goal....our goal!

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  1. As long as you're both idealistic it doesn't really matter. If you both are always looking to each other even when it feels like you don't want to, then you will be fine. And you two seem like the couple who does value fidelity, honesty and love!