Monday, July 6, 2009

what's for lunch?

oh wait I can't eat it. ***DISCLAIMER***NASTINESS TO ENSUE*** After spending most of the night in the bathroom, I'm starting to feel a little bit better. Ughh. I don't know if it's the stomach flu or food poisoning, but it's not fun. It all started on Friday night. I ate a corndog at Kaboom Town and the rode a ride with the moniker "Whiplash." Abby throroughly enjoyed the ride; I was less than thrilled. I felt as though I could've vomited my 12 inch corndog right back up in perfect form. On, Saturday I felt really queasy, but no action. On Sunday, we went to dinner with Murad's friend from NJ and that's when the madness began. About an hour after we arrived home, I became intimate with the master bathroom toilet seat. It pretty much continued until 6am and then started up again around 8am. No sleep. Tonight I have to get sleep because I have so much to do before watching the Michael Jackson memorial. I hate being sick. I sat on the couch and watched Young & the Restless (a fave) Glitter (okay only two minutes before I turned the station...that is a horrible movie!) and one of my old school faves Pretty in Pink. I never realized that the guy who plays Ducky is the same guy from Two and a Half Men. How could I be so blind. I guess I didn't have my time & sickness goggles on when watching Two and a Half Men before.
So, I really need to get Murad on the ball with studying for the GRE. He's been using the flash cards I made him, but we need to go over everything and take the practice tests and possibly look into tutoring. Sometimes, I feel like I'm applying. I'm trying to remain optimistic and realistic. I know Murad can get in somewhere, we're just hoping it's somewhere ideal to us! I do realize location is a sacrifice one has to make when applying to grad school. If for some reason, he doesn't get in this year (2010-2011), we know what we're up against, he can improve his weaknesses and reapply for (2011-2012). I think we've narrowed down the list:
University of Kansas --Counseling Psychology--obvious reasons: it's in KS and close to KC, they have research areas in his interests
Wichita State University--Clinical Psychology--obvious reasons: it's in KS and in my hometown, they have a couple professors with research interests similar to his
Washington State University--Counseling Psychology--our dream has always been to live in the Pacific Northwest, so we thought we'd give it a chance. I know one day we'll end up there, but we thought why not end up there sooner rather than later. Research interests are similar to his too
University of Missouri-Kansas City--Counseling Psychology-- they have research interests similar to his, we'd be in KC and we both have friends living in that area
University of Oklahoma--Counseling Psychology--research interests similar to his
Oklahoma State University--Counseling Psychology--research interests similar to his
Texas A&M Commerce (Mesquite)--Social Work (MSW)--close proximity to where we are now

We're hoping for the top 4, but the bottom 3 are okay and will keep us in the midwest area. As you can see we're hoping for a cooler climate. I think our dogs would greatly appreciate the climate change!

I know whatever happens we'll be okay. We've been so blessed during our three years together with good fortune, good friends and good family.

Anyways, enough about that and more about ME! J/K Besides being sick, I have had a great time being DONE with summer school! Yeah! I also passed my principal practice exam and will officially have a (2nd) master's degree in August. I've lost a few pounds from running with Abby each night. Abby has lost a lot of weight too, so we've been pretty successful in that department. I know Murad is still struggling with his weight, but honestly I love the extra pounds on him. He's got broader shoulders, which I love. lovin' it!


  1. Seriously, nothing worse than the puke bug! Are you sure your eggo's not preggo?! J/K! You are an awesome supporter for your family. They are so lucky to have you for a wife/step mama:)

  2. Pretty sure I'm not preggo, but you never know. It would be an...err...unexpected blessing