Wednesday, July 22, 2009

research interests

so, i'm helping murad work on his personal statement for grad school. he has to explain his research interests (he's applying to funded programs, so you have to get professors to want to work with you). So anyways, I thought it be fun to post our research interests here. so these are our interests if we were in school getting our Ph.D and our "we're rich so we can sit around and do nothing, but research."

Mr. Soup
PhD program: Counseling Psychology
Research Interests: marriage/family therapy, families with individuals with disabilities, personality, sports psychology

PhD program: Videogaming with a minor in useless facts
Research Interests: Madden, Gears of War, chatting with friends online, persuading your wife to look up stupid facts about pop-culture and then say how much you hate pop-culture and the media

Mrs. Soup
PhD program: Sociology with a specialization in the sociology of education minor: curriculum studies
Research interests: multicultural families, child abuse/neglect, learning, writing instruction, literacy, writing across the curriculum, student motivation, educational policy, interfaith families

PhD Program: Event & Life planning with a specialization in weddings, home-buying, traveling and blogging. minor in wikipedia
Research interests: recipes, foreclosures, Punta Cana, shopping at Ross, drinking wine, using wikipedia to prove people wrong, finding one-hit wonders of the 80's & 90's

Abby Soup
Undergraduate program: double major: biology & graphic design
Job prospects: future graduate student in paleontology, graphic designer, future med student, illustrator

PhD Program: rapping with a specialization in dodgeball, running, push-ups and sit-ups
research interests: rapping with parents, rapping about day-camps, how to successfully win people over with the Soulja Boy dance at weddings, dodgeball champions and their impact on day camp students.

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  1. abby sounds so funny! i hope i have the chance to meet her someday. and whenever you're ready feel free to ask away. i've got plenty of first-hand experience with all of the topics you posted in my comments!