Monday, July 13, 2009


Since I posted such a depressing post about marriage and divorce, I thought I'd post a happier post. Yesterday, I attended Christ Lutheran Church with my friend Rachel and my Abby. I went because my old (and favorite) pastor was there! Pastor Jerry...well now Bishop Jerry! It was so good to see him. Christ Lutheran had an intern ordained yesterday. Since she will serve at a church in Kansas, Bishop Jerry came to ordain her. He really was an influential man in my life while I was growing up. He led our church in such a positive direction. All the changes led to his position as bishop of the Central States Synod. I read at his installation service in Overland Park eight years ago (hard to believe I was in college that long ago!). Anyways, it was so good to see him and catch up. Rachel and I were totally excited (she attended my church in Wichita and now lives here in Dallas, too).

Rachel and I also remininsced about good times at Reformation. We really did attend Reformation during it's hey day. When we were in middle school we built a new church and as a result I was the first class to be confirmed in the new church. In addition, we were part of the groups that went to Sky Ranch Lutheran camp in Colorado, we went to the ELCA Youth Gathering in St. Louis, went on camping trips and a trip to Minnesota. While we were members there, John Leavitt was the choir director. Not only was he an awesome choir director, but he composed music that is now used in all the Lutheran Books of Worship. I could go on and on about how great my church was for me growing up. I'm still saddened that all the good things are overshadowed by the fact that our beloved member Dr. Tiller was murdered there. Even a month later it is still hard to grasp. But I digress.....Sunday was such an awesome experience. I felt so close to the Lord that day.

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