Saturday, July 18, 2009


No, we're not facing foreclosure. We don't even own property, so no worries there. I've decided to foreclose on my worrying about the future. I feel like I always worry and then it halts my life drastically. I can't help it. It runs in my family. My mom. My maternal grandmother (she's still pissed that we're going to Punta Cana instead of Hawaii. She thinks islands outside the US are dangerous). Anyways, I'm trying to use foreclosure as a metaphor here, and it's not really working, so on to the meat of my post.

Murad had a good coversation with one of his old professors who told him that he should still apply to grad school this year. He thinks Murad has a really good chance of getting in this year. Even if he doesn't, he advised not getting an MSW, but instead taking some psych classes to keep up to date and reapply next year. So, he is going to apply this year and if he doesn't get in, he'll try next year.

So our plan of saving a whole bunch of $$ is kind of shot. If he gets in to grad school right away, we won't be able to save as much. My dream of owning a home and starting a family while he's in grad school was shot as well. That was until....foreclosure. I know it's kind of risky, but I've been reading up on it lately, and it's really a good option for those who want to live in a home. My cousin returned back to school along with her boyfriend. She was able to buy a nice house near UMKC for the price of a car! So, of course I'm picking her brain to find out more details. We might as well take advantage of this economic crisis and buy sooner rather than later. I know we may not get a home for as cheap as she got hers, but we could hopefully get a decent home that we could pay off fast and then sell once he's out of grad school. I would love it if our only debt was our student loans and his car payment (mine will be paid off June 2010!!! woo-woo!) Murad really liked my idea, because he never wanted a traditional mortgage, so this plan was right up his alley.

Anyways, as our plans change I realize I can't worry all the time. There is always a way to achieve our dreams. We just have to be creative, determined and non-worrying! confident would've been a better word...huh?

Let's see, let's talk about life right now....the road to our destination. Things are good. really good. Abby is still here and enjoying her time here. I'm so glad she gets to enjoy being a kid while she's here. Last week she had her first Dallas sleepover and had a blast. She loves camp and art class. I just love seeing her so happy and carefree. She has so many friends at camp. I think she is the most popular girl (no, seriously, she is!!!) We're still having her run each night. When we first started she only did 4 laps each night and now she does 20 laps each night. She also used to only do 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups each night and now she does 100 of each. We're really trying to get her in shape and build good eating and exercising habits. I know it will be hard when she returns back home, but I hope she'll still want to run and play outside.

Last night I went dancing...salsa dancing with my friend Heather from work and some of her friends. Salsa dancing is such a work-out! I didn't get out of bed until 10:30am! Murad is at work today, so I kind of freaked when I woke up so late, but Abby didn't get up until 11:30am. We're kind of having a lazy, lazy day. I think we'll eat lunch, go to the library and then go grocery shopping. tonight is family movie night: Twilight! It's Abby's favorite movie and Murad has wanted to see it. Luckily Nana Babs and Papa Ken (my parents) own it and kindly burned a copy for us.

Okay, off to shower and get dressed!

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  1. sounds like a fun, kinda lazy, kinda busy Sunday!