Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm a Hustler, baby!

So yesterday I go to pick up Abby from camp. On Wednesdays they always take field trips, so I was eager to hear how her trip to the bowling alley was. The usual 7-year old retellling of a field trip ensued.
"It was fun. Our team won!" Cool. Awesome. Way to go Abby.
"I didn't get any tickets, so Zoey gave me 30 of hers." Wow. Zoey is nice. "I bought some harmonicas with them." Oh. I thought to myself. I wonder what these five cent harmonicas look like. Let me see them, Abby.
"Oh, I sold them for $10." In my head I'm thinking, she got some street game! what?
"Yeah, I sold them and got $10. I went and bought some snacks out of the vending machine." oh what'd you get?
"Two Honey Buns, Sour Skittles and a whole bunch of drinks." Oh, well give them to me and I'll put them in the fridge.
"I ate them all before you picked me up!" What! I had to remain calm. I wanted to bust out laughing! At this point I texted Murad. He called me back immediately. I could tell he was shocked. We both didn't know whether to high five Abby or punish her. I mean, seriously, she hustled a girl out of her tickets, bought cheap, worthless harmonicas and made $10! Either she's a genius or these kids are just idiots. It makes me question the quality of the Richardson Independent School District math program.
Despite finding this all amusing, I remained firm and in stepmother-mode. Murad increased her laps, push-ups, and sit-ups. I had her write an apology note and copy down lines. We also took away TV for the next two days. Abby was invited over for a sleepover on Friday, so we're still deciding whether to allow her to go. I think we'll let her go though.
When Murad got home from work, it was hard for him to keep a straight face. There were times that he couldn't help but laugh, especially when Abby defended the quality of the harmonicas.
Murad: You sold five cent harmonicas and made $10?
Abby: They had gold on them, daddy. Real gold!
We didn't have the heart to tell her that it was gold spray paint.
If any lesson can be learned from this it is the importance of parent involvement. Help your child with their homework, especially math homework. If you can't do math, hire a tutor. You never know when your child will be hustled by a seven year old entrepeneur.
(ignore the messy living area in the pic behind Abby. I've been sick with a stomach virus and was literally camped out on the couch for two days. it's clean now. i promise. no seriously, it is)


  1. oh my goodness, that is hilarious. I swear the toughest thing about parenting is holding in your human emotions and being in "parent mode." Sometimes I dislike the fact that it's my responsibility to teach them important life lessons instead of enjoying a good laugh.

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